"tomorrow" is a global art project. It consists of white flags, printed with the word in the national language of the respective exhibition location. The flags are made of biodegradable material and remain flying until they are gradually worn out by the wind.

The wind is increasing everywhere on earth due to changing climatic conditions. The wear and tear of the flag visualises this and and therefore also the dwindling future for coming generations. The worldwide distribution of the colour-neutral flag is based on the fact that humanity has a shared global responsibility for the future, regardless of national interests. The aim of the project is to present and document the flags in the context of art exhibitions, in public spaces, on all continents and in as many countries as possible.
Friends and family of Maurits are campaigning the distribution of the flag, as he disappeared on El Hierro on the 3rd ofMarch 2023. Maurits had already flown flags in exhibitions in Poland, Portugal and one in the wilderness of El Hierro. If you would like to hiss a flag anywhere in the world, we will be happy to send you a copy. It is also possible to make your own flags, modelled on Maurits' flag. Please find instructions below this text. We would be happy to receive photos of the flags from all over the world for documentation purposes.