Imagine a world without cancer. Where it’s gone for good, in all forms, from all people.

Tomorrowww is a browser extension that wipes out the word ‘cancer’ from your online life, giving you a sense of what this might feel like.

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Cancer isn't going to cancel itself.

Before we find a cure, we need to know what causes the disease. This is one of many questions Cancer Research UK is trying to answer with its Women of Influence program. It's an intuitive approach that acts as a way of finding peace and breakthrough moments in the so-called war on cancer.

To make this happen, we want to find and support the 25 smartest post-graduate women in science today and make them the research pioneers of the future. To get these careers off the ground will cost £1,000,000 (bear in mind cancer costs Europe £107bn a year).

Tomorrowww needs help.
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Buys enough glass slides to examine 500 tumour samples
Funds a breakthrough hour of a researcher's day
Funds a day of new drug trial research and treatment
Anything, however big or small, will make a difference

UK supporters can also donate by texting 'TMRW81' + '£5' (or any other amount they would like to give) to 70070.

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