Launched in 2014, Tomorrowww is a collaborative experiment for Cancer Research UK’s ‘Women of Influence’. This program aims to raise £1m to support talented young female researchers in their work to help prevent cancer occurring in the first place.

This is not about (just) throwing money at more magic pills (to make the pharmaceutical industry more money). What if we figured out the exact cause of the disease, instead of presuming? What part does the brain play in how we process cancer? What if we discovered we could get better as easily as we fall ill, without relying on medicine? How does stress affect the onset of cancer? By asking the right questions, we can start to find the right answers and fully understand the human condition.

Cancer is not a war. It’s more of a reconciliation process with our bodies and our lives. Arguably, this empathetic approach suits smart young women with scientific minds. With your help, they may yet be proved right.

Our short-term aim is to kick-start 50 important careers. Our long-term aim is to do ourselves out of a job.

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Concept & design by Eight Inc.
Application development by Alkaline.
Words by Peter Kirby.

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